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11.06.17 6:12 PM: Tech Crunch has a recap of the days events. Level 3 confirms they experienced a major outage due to networking configuration errors.

via Wired (technical details)

via Tech Crunch

11.06.17 12:30 PM: The issue is rumored to be a backbone fiber cut in the Denver area that is affecting Internet traffic in the Western US. The Dealerlogix data center is in TX. Traffic to and from the East Coast and Midwest, is likely having NO issues reaching TX. Internet traffic transversing Colorado from the West Coast is more than likely having issues. While we would expect the Internet backbone providers to route traffic around the affected fiber, the additional traffic on the alternate routes is likely to mean slower than typical Internet speeds.

11.06.17: There is currently a issue with Internet traffic in and out of Colorado. The Dealerlogix App is running without issue from other areas of the country.


CDK has released a fix for the system wide issue some users have been experiencing. We highly encourage all CDK accounts to contact CDK support ASAP and request a systems update to: 

Service 2.11 (SV9D0L) # 390828 

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