Online Invoice Payment


What’s my rate?

You will love our easy to understand flat rate of 2.70% (card not present), with no additional per-transaction authorization fees. You will find this rate extremely favorable compared to other leading online card acceptance programs. 

(Note: A minimum processing volume of $250 per month applies. Lower rates may be available with inclusion of card present processing option)

How will I be paid?

You will receive an ACH deposit to your business checking account for the entire batch amount of settled transactions. Any returns, refunds, or chargebacks may be deducted from this deposit. The deposit will be for the gross amount of the transactions.

How are fees paid?

Your account will be debited once per month for fees for a $2 network access fee and any fees related to not meeting the minimum $250 monthly processing volume.

How long to receive payment?

You will receive a deposit within 2 to 3 business days following the settlement of your transactions.

How do I reconcile my deposits? 

During activation, a representative will contact you about complimentary training for the online merchant portal. In portal, you will see all of your transactions along with the related RO numbers for easy reference. Also, you will have access numerous reports and will be able to search for specific transactions details if needed.

How do I sign up?

Contact your Dealerlogix sales representative or email with your request.

(Note: Federal Law (FinCEN 2018) requires the following to open merchant services or banking accounts: [incorporation date, EIN, bank account, etc. as well as some beneficial ownership  control information (name, address, SSN) for those with significant control or ownership of the dealership]

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