Systems Status


24 April 2018 1050: All issues have been resolved.

24 April 2018 1045: We are still experiencing sporadic issues.

What might you see:

  • Super Search much slower than normal
  • System will appear down, and then upon reload, be back to normal
  • RO number slow to back fill after rolling in the DMS

The Dev team is fully engaged in working on the fix. We will the deploy the fix as soon as it is ready.

24 April 2018 1000: The slowness in backfilling RO numbers has been resolved. We are continuing to work on the hot patch for the slowness in the writeup search.

24 April 2018 0917: The Dev team deployed a patch that improved performance for most customers. They are working on a second patch to complete the fix for all customers.

24 April 2018 0829: Our Dev team has located the issue and are working on a resolution.

24 April 2018 0828:  We are experiencing and general slow down in system performance. Our Dev team is engaged and trouble shooting the issue.

Weekly New Feature Release & Maintenance Window: Wednesdays 9 - 10:30 pm MDT. Users attempting to access Dealerlogix during this time period may experience outages or slow system response times.

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