Systems Status


Dealerlogix APP

No known issues at this time

CDK 3PA Integration

No known issues at this time

Reynolds RCI Gateway

No known issues at this time

Dealertrack Opentrack

04.03.20 04.03.20 13:42: Our Cockpit monitoring systems are indicating the issues with the Dealer Track servers has been resolved.

04.03.20 12:44: Dealertrack is experiencing technical issues with their servers that support the US mountain time zone. We will update this thread with more information as it becomes available.

OEM Integrations

No known issues at this time

TWILIO Texting Platform

No known issues at this time

Supported Browsers:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Microsoft no longer supports the Internet Explorer Browser or Windows 7. If you are getting a blank screen please switch to one of the recommended standards based browsers below and update to Windows 10 as soon as practical. Screen shot of error:  Click Here

iPad: Safari

SurfacePro: Microsoft Edge or Chrome

Desktop PC: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge

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