Hardware Options


  • Minimum Suggested
    • iPad (Recommended for Advisors and Techs)
    • iPad Mini (Recommended for Techs only)
    • iPad Pro ( Recommended for Advisor and Techs)
  • Note: iPad 1 and 2 are no longer supported by Apple or Dealerlogix


  • All WiFi enabled Android devices running the Chrome browser are supported. For writing service we suggest the screen be at least 10 inches. For technicians and parts a minimum 7 inch screen is recommended.


  • Minimum Suggested
    • Surface Pro 3 or 4 , running the Microsoft Edge browser (version 15 or newer)
  • Windows Desktop with one of the following approved browsers
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Edge (version 15 or newer)


  • Not supported

VIN Scanner

  • VIN Scanner Mini
    • ( Get 15% off when you order 3 units or more. Use coupon code DLOGIX-VSM3-15 )

WiFi Access Points

  • Any WiFi access point should be adequate, however placement of the access point can have a significant impact on coverage. We suggest the access point on the service drive be mounted on a wall at least six feet above ground level and no higher than the top of the service bay door opening. Please contact us if you would like to discuss access point placement in your particular environment.
  • Recommended Access Points:

Mobile Printing

  • iOS
    • While all "Air Print" enabled printers are adequate, we recommend installing a Lantronix xPrintServer on your network. The xPrintServer is a plug an play device that will allow users to print to any printer on the same network subnet.
  • Android
    • Native printing is supported
  • Windows
    • Native Printing is supported

Multi-Device Charging

Mobile Device Cases 

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